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MFA – Theatre Management

The mission of the Master of Fine Arts Theatre Management program is to profoundly impact the arts around the world. Students are provided a considered education through practical training and hands-on experiences in a working theatre environment.

Practical training and real world experience

Our goal is to graduate future arts leaders with a solid base of knowledge in all aspects of producing the arts.  The program is focused on developing and strengthening leadership skills as well as building an understanding of management principles, finance, marketing, fundraising, event planning, and computer applications for arts and cultural management.  Following a unique algorithm that parallels a student’s growth (both in the classroom and in a real-world environment) from worker to manager to leader, our graduates leave with a strong education and powerful experiences and move into leadership roles at arts organizations throughout the world.


While the coursework is applicable to all of the arts, our practical and laboratory work is managing and leading a real, community-based theatre. The coursework covers areas of communication, financial management, fundraising, proposal development, contracts, project management, research, human resources, working with Boards and donors, marketing, audience development, and public relations and campaigns.  Classes include a broad perspective on the arts in America as well as the basics of operating an arts organization in today’s business environment.



All students accepted into the program receive an assistantship that includes a tuition waiver for the courses in the MFA program plus a stipend of approximately $16,250.  Students must acquire in-state residency status after their first year.  An essential element in the training program is a tracked graduate assistantship in one of three areas: Marketing, Ticketing and Patron Services, and Community Engagement. As a third year student, you will be managing and leading one of these areas!


A unique feature of our MFA degree is the practicum course – project-oriented work that provides students with experiences outside of their assistantship.  The practicum is typically in one of four areas: Marketing, Ticketing and Patron Services, Fiscal Office, and Production Management.  Students take the practicum course during the first two years of the MFA program.

The 3rd Year Experience – Leadership

The third year of the MFA Theatre Management program centers on full-time intensive hands-on work that allows students to actively integrate experience and classroom learning into comprehensive working practices.  Students serve as members of the School of Theatre marketing, community engagement, or fine arts ticket management team.  Students assume key leadership responsibilities and are accountable for excellence as they move beyond management into leadership.


Admission Requirements for MFA Programs

    • A Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from an accredited college or university. (Students who do not hold a Theatre degree must show evidence of substantial course work and/or experience in theatre to indicate probability of achieving success in advanced theatre studies)
    • A grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) during the last two years of study for a bachelor’s degree or of 3.0 on a masters degree from an accredited university; OR an acceptable score on the combined verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination taken within the last 5 years
    • Specific approval of the faculty and program director within the School of Theatre

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