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Mission, Vision, & Values


Our mission is to use the evolving, live, collaborative art of theatre to develop artists and scholars who have a lifelong passion for the arts.


The School of Theatre is committed to a comprehensive, student-focused educational philosophy that integrates arts theory and experiences in creating opportunities for students to become extraordinary and innovative leaders.


Intellectual Curiosity

We foster creative and intellectual discovery and imagination inspired by desire for knowledge, comprehension, and mastery. We commit ourselves to creating lifelong learners who appreciate and actively apply critical thinking skills.


We provide opportunities and an environment to explore and create meaningful, innovative ideas that engage the interdependence of process and product.


We champion a community of diverse peoples, practices, and ideas. We strive for open and powerful communication and unprejudiced understanding that strengthen and enrich the world.


We pursue a creative and compassionate environment committed to integrity, dignity that demands dedication, pride, and respect.


We strive for a shared vision through dynamic communication, while celebrating the individual voice, the synthesis of competing priorities and the acknowledgement of all contributions.