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Paid Advertising

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Build a Relationship, Gain an Audience

A personal relationship between your business and the School of Theatre is an effective, and low-cost way to connect with your potential customers and promote yourself through community involvement.

Why Advertise with the School of Theatre?

• Cross-marketing: increase your reach and visibility to potential customers
• Diversify your clientele
• Support the diverse arts culture in Tallahassee
• Support entertaining and enriching opportunities in the community for your employees to enjoy
• Strengthen the goodwill and service-oriented goals of your company by aligning yourself with our commitment to community, creativity, and professionalism

Did you know?

• The School of Theatre playbill in which your ad will appear will reach 15,158 audience members in one season!
• The Princetown Review ranked FSU number 7 in its list of the best college Theatres nationwide!Promote your business and support our nationally recognized performing arts program.
• The School of Theatre potentially reaches a student community of more than 67,445 young adults ages 18-34, from three major colleges and universities. Become a part of their Tallahassee experience by advertising through the School of Theatre.

If you are interested in advertising with us this season, please fill out this form and return it to the email address on the form.

Ad Diagram

SizeFull SeasonSingle Show
Full Page (Cover)$2,700N/A
Full Page (Color)$1,650$350
Full Page (B&W)$1,250$250
1/2 Page Horizontal$829$160
1/4 Page Vertical$540$115
1/4 Page Horizontal$540$115

Advertising Terms

Advertisements must be submitted in an electronic format (no larger than 3 MB). All advertisements must be supplied camera-ready (defined as an actual size finished image in identical form to the way it should appear in the program) in PDF or JPEG format.

The same advertisement will be used for each production program. Any change-outs must be prearranged with the marketing office by the reservation deadline.

For more information, please download our Paid Advertising Brochure, or call the School of Theatre Marketing Office at 850.644.6488.