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FSU Theatre Becomes One of The First University Programs to Offer Intimacy Training

Published March 25, 2019

The School of Theatre welcomed the Founder and Executive Director of Intimacy Directors International, Tonia Sina, for a series of presentations and training workshops designed to address a mindful approach to the complex, often difficult circumstances of the stories told both onstage and in the classroom. Intimacy directors have already been integrated in film and television most notably on HBO’s The Deuce and is now starting to make its way into theatres.


Leading the charge for equality in the arts, Intimacy Directors assume the responsibility for the emotional safety of the actors and all others within the rehearsal space while they are present. The directors are trained in best practices for movement pedagogy, body language, consent, sexual harassment, title IX, mental health, and various other topics that aid in ensuring safe spaces for all. While training workshops with students and educator are taking place this week, the school views this as the first step in an ongoing partnership.

Junior BFA Acting major, Alison Wood, intimacy coordinator for the Spring 2019 Act 2 season, had this to say about the importance of the training, “As actors, we put ourselves out there for the enjoyment of others. Intimacy Direction is the first step in honoring actors’ humanity and [their] right to say ‘no.’” In offering programs and trainings like this one, the School of Theatre hopes to encourage and support a safer, more inclusive community!


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