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Cassandra White

Published December 1, 2021

Ph.D. Student, Theatre & Performance Research


Cassandra White is a doctoral candidate in FSU’s Theatre Studies program. She holds a BA in Theatre from Truman State University and an MA in Theatre Studies from Central Washington University. Her dissertation focuses on the representation of women in antebellum U.S. melodramas, specifically the commodification of sex and virtue as it appears on the stage. This leads her to broader ideas about gender roles and the value of women in the U.S., and she deploys a sex-positive feminist lens with her work on the portrayal of sex and sex work on stage. Additionally, she has written on Irish drama of the 20th century and its presentation in the U.S. She has presented her research at KCACTF and the Comparative Drama Conference, and published in Six Magazine.

Cassandra works locally with the Mickee Faust Club as a dramaturg, stage manager, and occasional actor and director. She is the Graduate Assistant for the FSU Fellows Society, of which she is also a member. She is the co-chair of the Mid-America Theatre Conference’s inaugural Accessibility Committee.