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Room Reservation Office

Individual students associated with the School of Theatre (SOT) may sign out designated spaces through the SOT Room Reservations Office for class projects. All reservations must be submitted at least 24 hours before requested start time. We will follow up with you within twelve hours to confirm your reservation. All classrooms are locked after 7PM and on weekends, so you must sign out a key for evening rehearsals or meetings.

If you or your group signs out a room, you are responsible for the condition of the room. Any damage not reported at the return of a room key may result in charges to repair the room. Even if the room is not set up properly when you enter it, you are still responsible for its condition when you leave. If a group or individual does not leave their assigned room set-up properly the result may be a loss of room sign-out privileges. In addition, all keys must be returned by 2pm the day following your approved rehearsal.

Please use the form below to submit your room reservation request:

Online Form – 2017-2018 Room Reservation Request

Web Form Builder
  • Each key carries a $75 replacement fee
  • Set all desk chairs in rows
  • Stack any individual chairs/cubes along the perimeter of the room
  • Close and lock all AV cabinets or closets
  • After 7PM – you are responsible for turning lights off and locking all doors behind you

Key Sign-Out:

  • Students & Faculty are to pick up any keys for approved space the day in which the room has been reserved for.
  • Keys are to be signed out by the individual who has requested the space.
  • If the space is to be used over the weekend, the individual must pick up all keys by Friday at 4pm.
  • The Student &/or Faculty member will be provided with a Key Sign Out form along with their Key.

Key Return:

  • Keys must be returned the next day by 2:00pm.
  • All keys are to be returned by the individual who the key was signed out too.
  • Late keys incur a penalty of $25.00, and an additional $25.00 for each calendar day they are late. A lost key will result in a $75.00 key replacement fee.