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Colin Campbell

Published May 21, 2015

Scene Shop Manager,
School of Theatre


Colin has worked locally as a theatrical technician at Tallahassee Community College, where he contributed to the development of their program. He has worked for the Centennial Theatre Festival. He was the Senior Project Manager for SBL Lighting Design. He has worked as a carpenter on residential properties and commercial properties, including classical home restorations and large scale performance venues.

Areas of Responsibility

Managing the daily operations of the School of Theatre Scene Shop, including but not limited to budget oversight for Scenery, Standards of quality for Scenery produced by the shop, training of the Scene Shop Carpenters, safety standards of the working conditions Shop, maintenance and upgrades of the Scene Shop equipment, materials and ordering, coordination of shop schedules and available labor, management and maintenance of shop vehicles and development of improvement projects.


Colin Campbell is a graduate of the carpentry program at the North Bennett Street School in Boston, MA and a proud alumnus of FSU, from which he received his undergraduate degree.