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2021-22 Season Scavenger Hunt

Published October 1, 2021

2021-22 Season Scavenger Hunt


Go “Beyond the Stage” with the School of Theatre this season and earn the chance to win exciting prizes! We have created 15 unique and fun tasks inspired by our 2021-22 season productions. These tasks ask you to explore FSU, embrace your creativity, and engage with theatre beyond what you see on stage.



Participants who complete at least four tasks will receive a voucher for one to any School of Theatre season production, but it doesn’t stop there! The more tasks you finish, the better prizes you win.

The participant who completes the most tasks or is the first to complete all the tasks will win our ultimate VIP prize pack*. The winner will receive tickets for two to any School of Theatre season production, a VIP Swag bag at the play, including free concessions, and dinner for two at Bare Naked Kitchen.


In addition to all the prizes mentioned above, at the end of the year, everyone who completed at least 7 tasks will have the chance to win two 2022-23 School of Theatre season subscriptions! That’s 2 free tickets to each show in the 22-23 season! Don’t miss your chance to have fun and win incredible prizes.



*Please note that additional tasks may be added throughout the year so check the website regularly!



Each time you complete a 2021-22 Season Scavenger Hunt activity, fill out and submit the form HERE to receive credit. For each activity, you will be asked to provide a photo, video, or event code to verify your participation or attendance.


Click here to start the hunt!

Current Scavenger Hunt Activities:


Make Headlines and Show Your Support for Newsies

Reimagine an iconic newspaper headline or photograph! Pick a headline or image that captures your attention from the past 100 years and reinterpret it as a fun and witty 30-60 second TikTok video. Tag @FsuSchoolofTheatre when you post your video and submit your video to our Formstack Form for credit for the hunt!

Make sure in your video you show the original headline or image that you are recreating and don’t forget to use our #’s #FSUNewsies #FSUSOTscavengerhunt!






Craft Your Own Pumpkin Carriage for Cinderella

Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO! Celebrate Cinderella and the Fall season by creating a festive jack-o-lantern inspired by Cinderella’s very own pumpkin carriage. Put your own unique artistic twist on this fun DIY activity and make a little bit of magic to celebrate this Disney classic premiering on the Fallon stage in February.

Once you have crafted the perfect pumpkin, take a picture and post it on Instagram with the #’s #FSUCinderella # FSUSOTScavengerhunt. Then send a picture of you and your pumpkin to our Formstack to receive credit for this scavenger hunt item.

Most important of all, enjoy your artistic masterpiece!




Discover the Outdoors by Visiting the Rez Lakefront Park in Honor of Men on Boats

Explore the Rez by Boat! To pay homage to our Spring play Men on Boats, we ask you to pay a visit (FOR FREE) to FSU’s local lakefront park. The Rez Lakefront Park & Retreat Center is a 73-acre facility, with 10 active acres, located on beautiful Lake Bradford and only four miles from the FSU campus. You can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, swimming, sand volleyball, disc golf, and many other activities in this unique natural setting.

Once you arrive, rent a canoe, kayak, or sailboat and explore the lake, just like the intrepid pioneers of Men on Boats. Don’t forget to capture the memory on film and submit the photo of you and your crew to our Formstack!

All boat rentals are free with a valid FSU ID. Visit the Rez Lakefront Park website for hours of operation and more information on how to take advantage of this incredible outdoor experience.




Watch the Original 1992 Newsies Film on Disney+

Enjoy movie night with the Newsies! Log onto Disney+, grab some popcorn, and enjoy 120 minutes of newsboy musical romp starring a young Christian Bale in the original 1992 musical sensation that was Newsies. Once you have finished the movie, try your hand at the Ultimate Newsies Quiz! Once you complete the quiz, take a picture of your results and submit it to the Formstack Form. Anything less than 20 out of 25 will not be counted as a win.

For an EXTRA TASK and entry in the Scavenger Hunt, dress up as an 1899 Newsboy and take a picture of yourself proudly displaying a Strike Sign somewhere on campus. Make sure you come up with a pithy phrase for your sign. Submit your photo to Formstack for credit.





Moonwalk Your Way to Victory for Moon Man Walk

Moon Walk Across Campus and into Our Hearts! Defy gravity in honor of Moon Man Walk and learn to moonwalk! Watch a Youtube Video, attend a class, or ask a friend. We don’t care how you learn, just learn the dance! Then dress up in your favorite space-age attire and make a 30-60 second TikTok video of yourself moonwalking across Landis Green.

Tag @FsuSchoolofTheatre when you post your video and submit your video to our Formstack Form for credit for the hunt!

Make sure in your video to use our #’s #FSUMoonManWalk #FSUSOTScavengerHunt!








Shakespeare in the Park!

Have a lark in the park with The Bard!  Put your imagination to the test and recreate this iconic image of William Shakespeare out of anything you might find in a park! Leaves, sticks, rocks, dirt, flowers, and anything else found there can be your materials, so get creative and have fun.

Post your best creation on Instagram and use the #’s #FSUAsYouLikeIt and #FSUSOTScavengerHunt, then send a picture of you and your portrait to our Formstack to receive credit for this item.








Find Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

Become a Geocacher and track down Cinderella’s glass slipper! Try your hand at the ultimate treasure hunting experience and visit the FSUSOTScavengerhunt Geocache page. There you will find a set of coordinates and a few waypoints to lead you on your trek across the FSU campus to find Cinderella’s lost glass slipper!

Once you discover the cache, sign the logbook, take a picture of your signature with the slipper, return everything to where you found it, and submit your photo to Formstack to earn your credit. Please don’t take anything from the cache as that will hurt the experience of other hunters!







Take Yourself on a Date for As You Like It!

If you can’t love yourself, how the heck can you love anyone else? Treat yourself to celebrate the joyful, romantic comedy that is Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Take yourself on a date we don’t care where or when just go! Go out to a nice dinner, see a movie you have been dying to see, or spend the day in a park with a homemade picnic and a good book. Whatever makes you happy, just make sure you do it with the most critical person in your life YOU!

After your date, write a couple of sentences on what you did and how it was a positive experience and submit the digital document to our Scavenger Hunt Formstack.









Be Inspired by Last Stop on Market Street and do a Good Deed!

Brighten someone’s day and pay it forward! Let the message of Last Stop on Market Street inspire you and take a moment to do something for someone else. Whether it’s paying for someone’s coffee at Starbucks, spending an hour volunteering, helping a friend with a complex school project, or anything else that improves someone’s day, we don’t care; just make sure you are making this world a brighter and happier place to inhabit.

Once you do your good deed, write a couple of sentences on what you did and how it positively affected someone else. Then, upload the digital document to our Scavenger Hunt Formstack to receive credit for the task.









Sail a Paper Boat From the Comfort of Your Home!

Set sail at home for Men on Boats! Learn to fold an origami sea-worthy paper boat and sail it on any water that can be found in your home (a sink, a bowl of water, a bathtub, etc.). Don’t forget to jazz up your boat with a flag! Take a 30-60 second video of your boat in action and set it to jaunty sea shanty (bonus points if it’s you singing the sea shanty) and post it to TikTok. Don’t forget to tag @fsuschooloftheatre when you post and use the #’s #FSUMenonBoats & #FSUSOTScavengerHunt.

Fill out the Scavenger Hunt Formstack and upload a copy of your video to get credit for this task.







Donate to Our Book Drive with the Boys and Girls Club of Tallahassee

Clean out your bookshelves and support the Boys and Girls Club of Tallahassee! In honor of our TYA production of Last Stop on Market Street, the School of Theatre is hosting a book drive to support the kids of the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. Help us uplift this incredible organization and clean out that quarantine book pile we know you have accumulated. The Boys and Girls Club serves kids ages 6-18, so check through your shelves, pull out some books, and drop them off at our four convenient drop-off boxes. You can find donation boxes in the Fallon Theatre Lobby, and at the Community Engagement Office (room 116) in the Theatre Annex.

Snap a picture of you dropping off your books (does not need to include your face) and upload it to the Scavenger Hunt Formstack to verify you have completed this task.

Note: The book drive will run between November 15th and November 21st, so make sure you complete this task during that week!






Attend a Talkback with the Dramaturgs and Designers On Newsies

Extra, Extra, Hear All About It! Attend the Newsies Dramaturgy Pre-Show Talkback and learn how the FSU creative teams crafted this incredible musical. From research to set design, you will get the ultimate scoop. Seating is limited so RSVP to this event ASAP!

Friday, October 22nd, 2021 | 6:30-7:30 pm | Room 249 | Fine Arts Building 

Newsies is an inspiring and upbeat show about beating the odds and standing up for the little guy. Cheer on a band of orphan newsboys challenging their personal Goliath within a corrupt establishment in this high-energy musical inspired by actual events. Join ADD-IN for a post-show discussion and Q&A on how the concept for FSU’s production was developed and created. Seating is limited for this event. To reserve your seat(s), please RSVP Here! To earn credit in the Scavenger Hunt, you must take a picture of the panel and submit it to the Scavenger Hunt Formstack.



Send Some Love for As You Like It!

These trees shall be my books/ And in there barks my thoughts I’ll character! Let As You Like It’s very own Orlando inspire you to send some words of love for someone you value in your life. Get a postcard with a tree on it and mail a message of love to anyone in your life! Make people’s day a little bit better with a kind thought. 

Once you write your message, take a photo of the front of your postcard (show off your tree) and send it to the Scavenger Hunt Formstack. We will not post these pictures on any social media; this is just to verify you completed the task.