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Act II

For just over forty years, the School of Theatre has offered a vibrant and successful main stage season for the general public, which serves as a laboratory for our students.  Our new Act II season will push our students beyond the rigors of a traditional canon to explore the experimental, cutting edge, and truly difficult. The choice of material will be more challenging either in its content, structure, or perhaps in its staging. In Act II, we will push the envelope and grow to the next level of professional theatre training.

Project 3:

Killer Joe is not a play for the faint of heart. Profanity and sexuality looms in every scene yet this play embraces a fascinating microcosm of American culture. Letts uses this in-yer-face theatre piece to present a vulgar, shocking, and confrontational material as a means of involving and impacting its audience.

“Set in Dallas, Killer Joe revels in its white trash stereotypes, and gives you permission to do the same; it’s pulp fiction which has it both ways, deriving humor from dirty realism. It’s slick, it’s well constructed, it knows exactly where it’s going.” – New York Daily News

*Please be advised that this production includes adult content including strong language, violence, images, sexual situations and sounds. Recommended for ages 18+.

Project 4:

Ubu and The Truth Commission, inspired by the classic story of Ubu Roi, delves into the life of a man and his night time affairs that lead his wife to question their relationship and his sanity. Set during the South African apartheid, the audience shares intimate and horrific moments with victims as adapted from testimonies that were a part of Desmond Tutu’s 1995 Truth Commission. Ubu and The Truth Commission challenges traditional story telling through the incorporation of puppetry and music to tackle the question: who is there to protect the oppressed when the oppressor is the protector?


The Studio Theatre, in the Williams Building, near the intersection of Jefferson and Copeland Streets.

 Ticket Pricing:

Adult Ticket:  $5.00
Student Ticket:  $5.00

For more information, call 850-644-6500 or go to